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This thing on?

*blows dust off of page*

*coughs up half a lung*

*takes hit off of inhaler*

Hm. Not sure how I feel about this. My last post was in 2009, during my wild fling with ping.fm. It's now 2017. That's a big change in numbers for what feels like so little time.

2009 was just, like, yesterday, right?

What am I doing here? Good question. It's been a while since I've had a place on the web suited for longer form work. I'd been using Facebook for it, but it's not really the right place. It's too fleeting, too emphemeral. The flood of hundreds of friends with hundreds of friends with hundreds of friends all giving a running commentary of their lives quickly washes away any marker that I was there.

And, so, I've stopped back by here. I don't have any delusion this will last. I wouldn't be surprised if the next post comes in 2025, where I again talk around the memories here for a while before I disappear from the record of history. We'll see.
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